2017 Kawasaki Z125 Pro – FIRST LOOK



The Z125 Pro is a visually striking motorcycle with styling that’s a little on the dark side. It not only has edgy looks, but it’s also a blast to ride. It fits into that perfect package for those desiring a small, pressure-free motorcycle with plenty of capabilities, low price, and great gas mileage. Ideal for someone looking for a real motorcycle, but without the high pressure and costs associated with a larger bike.

The Z125 Pro, the newest member of the Kawasaki Z family, is unique in that it was designed for two seemingly opposing targets in the motorcycling market: both beginner riders and veterans alike. The Z125 Pro is great for beginner riders who want a real motorcycle without the intimidation, high seat heights or expense. The Z125 Pro is also great for those experienced, fun-loving, thrill-seeking riders who want a second bike to ride around town or through the pits at the local racetrack. It’s the dark side of fun.

With a user-friendly seat height of 30.7 inches and a low weight of 224.8 pounds, the Z125Pro is one of the lightest and nimblest road bikes you’ll ever own. Its light weight and low seat height also makes it easy for almost any rider to maneuver. The Z125 Pro’s chassis is designed to accommodate two-up riding and with the large 2-gallon fuel tank, it’ll keep you on the road longer between fuel stops.

Suggested retail price: $2999

Price in Phnom Penh market : 2500$

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